We are three good friends in our mid to late thirties. My name is Steve and my two friends are named Daron and Jim. All of us are married and work the banker’s hours (9-5) although by no means we are bankers.

We were sitting around one night having beers, “shooting the shit”, and watching the Colts game and suddenly, not sure how, but our conversation shifted from the ball game to taking about our personal lives.

It didn’t take long before we discovered that each one of us was lacking something in our sexual lives. For instance, Daron reluctantly admitted that he ejaculated very little and when he did it came out like a thick blob not a shooting stream like you see in the adult films. Jim on the other hand had no ejaculatory issues, but was not satisfied with size of his member. And this wasn’t his paranoia; he admitted that his wife also told him so.

I on the other hand did not have any enhancement issues but what I did have was a “boring sex life”. My wife and I did the same old thing; same sex positions, same place, and nearly the same amount of time (twice a month).

Afterchatting for quite some time, our problems were clear, but the solutions were still as muddy as before the conversation. So we did what most men would do, “Google It”. We came explored many different search results on various products and decided to try some. Daron tried the Semenax sperm volume pills to increase semen volume, Jim tired the SizeGenetics Penis Extender and I got membership to “LoveCentria Sex Guide” for men.

Interestingly enough, and although we were sceptical, the products we purchased delivered what was promised. This is when the idea for this website was born. We figured we were not the only men having these types of issues, there has to be million around the world.

Sowe created www.malesexualneeds.comto raise awareness about male enhancement products and men’s health. By no means is the site complete. We continue to write articles and post reviews about products as time allows.

Can You Help Us?

We are not claiming to be medical professionals; we are just expressing our feelings and thoughts about various products. We also do not claim to be experts on men’s health; we have issues of our own.

For this very reason, we would like to ask the experts out there to help us write articles on various men’s health topics to raise greater awareness and help men with their health needs. Please consider becoming an author about the topic you know about and help others.

Please write an article on our site. It’s easy, it’s free.

Thank You from: Steve, Daron and Jim.