Increase Penis Size

The question of how to increase penis size has been asked by men of all ages. Every man has his own reasons for wanting a bigger penis. Boys in their late teens or early twenties want to impress their new mates, while men in their later years want to want to have the full confidence to please their partner. Both of these objectives can be accomplished with an increase in penis size both in terms of length and thickness.

When thinking about increasing penis size, most men automatically think length. However, length of the penis is not the only consideration when it come to size, the thickness also matter. In fact, anonymous surveys have revealed that many women would prefer a six inch cock which is thick and meaty over an eight or nine inch cock is long and slim because it is much more satisfying. Thicker cock can stimulate the outer walls of the female vagina helping them to orgasm and cum faster than a skinny penis.

How can I add length to my penis? If your penis is less than six inches, then yes, adding length is important as most guys average around six inches fully erect. The best device to use for increasing penis size is a penis Traction (extender) device. It’s safe, relatively inexpensive, easy to use and most important of all it works. Although many of the traction devices claim to add 3 or more inches to the penis, I was only able to achieve 2 inches in length. Let’s face it guys, most women can be satisfied with a small penis, however, most women psychologically believe that bigger penis is better and as such many are turned off by a man having a smaller penis.

The opposite of length is girth or better known as penis thickness. So how can you make your cock thicker? Without getting into too many details, the simple answer is VigRXPlus penis enlargement supplements. VigRX Plus is a proprietary formula consisting of the finest male enhancement ingredient to add some serious thickness to the penis.

Since the recent release of the VigRX Plus natural herbal penis enlargement formula, over a million men have purchased the product. To date, there are no complaints, only men satisfied with the results. The best advice I can give you is to go ahead and try the VigRX Plus formula for yourself. Its one of those things that other can tell you about, but you never know how good it is until you try it for yourself.

Gone are the days when increasing penis size was a taboo subject and you had no choice but to live with what you got. Today, fortunately for guys like us, things have changed; we have options. If you are unsatisfied with the size of your penis for any reason, I highly recommend that you at least check out ProExtender penis traction device and the new and improvedVigRX Plus formula. Together these will give you the desired penis length and penis girth you rightly deserve.

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