How can a man last longer in the bedroom?

Gone are the days when women just laid their letting the guys have all the fun. Today women are more vocal and such are expressing their sexual frustrations with men who cannot bring them to orgasm. In fact one of the biggest complaints by women is that the guys ejaculate way before they are even close to reaching orgasm. As such many women are left frustrated and often look for alternate means to bringing themselves to orgasm.

However it doesn’t have to be this way, you can increase your sexual stamina. There are several things guys can do to last longer in bed and sexually please their partner. One of the tricks I often use is to masturbate about half an hour before taking my wife to bed. I have found that once I have ejaculated my “manjuice” my penis is not as sensitive and takes me much longer to cum the second time around. This leaves plenty of time to bring her to orgasm; multiple times in fact.

Another thing you can to keep going between the sheets is to “use a condom”. The penis is not nearly as sensitive as it is without it. It takes much longer to stimulate you dick with a condom on and thus it takes you much longer to cum. And if that isn’t enough, double up on the condom. I guarantee that this will add at least extra ten to fifteen minutes to your endurance and will not interfere with your woman’s pleasure. And of coursethere is no doubting genericViagra to keep the penis rock solid hard for a long time. Please keep inmind, two or three time is not bad on Viagra, but after that it becomes painful,if you know what i mean. 

Guys have also reported using desensitizing creams and gels to help them last longer so that they can please their partner. However this does not seem to be popular choice among women. The reason for this is that desensitizing creams and gels also desensitizes their sexual organs and thus preventing them from Cumming.

Other Techniques Men have developed

There are couple of other techniques men around the world have used to increase their stamina and prolong their ejaculation time. The first technique which many guys have found useful is to masturbate to point where you are ready to ejaculate “But Don’t”. Instead hold the base of the penis tight and prevent yourself from Cumming; repeat this several times. This will enhance your ability to control your ejaculation during sexual intercourse with you partner.

Anotherpopular technique used by men to last longer in bed is to use penis exercises to strengthen the PC muscle, short for pubococcygeus muscle.The PC muscle forms the base for the entire male reproductive system. Strengthening the pubococcygeus muscle will increase your ability to control your orgasm many times over.

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