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In an anonymous survey conducted by it was resoundingly revealed that out of one thousand women who took part, only 10 percent of them were satisfied with the volume of cum ejaculated by their partner. 20 percent were somewhat satisfied, While 70 percent of the women were deeply dissatisfied and strongly felt their partner needed to ejaculate more cum.

While the results of our survey disappoint many men, they provide a great deal of insight into what women want and expect from their partner. “Flowers and Movie”, just don’t cut it anymore when it comes to pleasing your woman. A man who can shoot his load like the popular porn star “Peter North”, is viewed by women as being dominant, strong, fertile and of course and ideal sex mate. Women prefer a man who can not only perform between the sheets, but also deliver a large load of cum. All women are turned-on by watching or feeling their man ejaculate.

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Along with satisfying your partner with your ability to ejaculate longer and farther, there are benefits for you as well. For instance, being able to shoot a large amount of male ejaculate will increase the intensity of your own orgasm so that you can feel good for longer period of time.

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