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Every man at some point in his life wants a chiseled chest, ripped biceps, narrow waist and six pack abs. However, wanting a certain look and how we actually look in reality can be quite different. For instance, in reality many of us will end up with “Man Boobs” rather than a chiseled chest, many of will end up with flabby arms rather than “ripped biceps” and lastly and most certainly majority of us will end up with a “Keg” rather than a “six pack” around the waist.

Most men can live with a big belly or flabby arms without a great deal of distress or embarrassment. However, the one thing that men absolutely hate is abnormal development of the breasts commonly referred to as Man Boobs or better known as Gynecomastia in medical terms. This female like development of the breasts causes a great deal of stress, anxiety and self-esteem issues for men. After all, men were not meant to have woman like breasts which essentially what man boobs are.

What Causes Man Boobs (moobs) or Gynecomastia?

The exact cause of what causes man boobs is yet to be pin pointed. However moobs can be divided into two categories, one due to natural causes, and other due to medical conditions. We will explore both of these further and reveal what you can do to eliminate

Natural Causes of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia or puffy boobsin men can be causes naturally due to build of fat cells in front of the chest (pectoral) muscles. This is one of the places where the body stores excess fat. I wish there was a way for men to selectively choose where the body stores fat, but unfortunately we have no control in this matter. Other natural causes resulting in manboobs is unhealthy life style which includes excessive drinking, lack of exercise, unhealthy eating, and others.

How to lose man boobs

The good news with manboobs resulting from natural causes is that they can be treated. The secret to get rid of man boobs is to increase the amount of cardiovascular exercise and start eating healthy. Cardio will help you burn fat around the flabby boobs, trust me, it helps. The second thing you need to get rid of your man boobs is to “pump the iron”, in other words exercise to rid of man boobs and using natural supplements such Gynexin as which are specifically tested and guaranteed to shrink moobs.

The exercise program doesn’t need to be complicated. I do 5 minutes of cardio to warm up followed by 30 minutes of lifting weights which is then followed by 30 minutes of interval training. The weights are awesome for developing the chest muscles and the cardio will help melt away the fat. One thing I would advise you on is that you speak with a trainer at your gym and get personalized exercise training routine for chest. You don’t need to tell him that you want to get rid of manboobs, just tell him that you want a good routine to develop your chest and shed the fat.

Medical Cause of Gynecomastia

Besides the natural causes for Gynecomastia there is also a medical reason for it. The reason is imbalance or hormones. What happens is that for one reason or another your body produces more estrogen (female hormone) than Testosterone (male hormone) which results in male breast enlargement.

In addition many medications including; Protropin, Zantac, Spironolactone, Thiothixene and many more have Gynecomastia as one of their side-effects. If you suspect that your man boobs are caused by medical as oppose to natural reasons, I would suggest you speak with your doctor. If you are not sure or feel uncomfortable, I would recommend you give Gynexin natural man boob treatment a try.

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