Premature Ejaculation

Cumming too early or better known as premature ejaculation can have a lasting negative impact on a man’s self-esteem and confidence both in the bedroom and in their personal lives. The big reason for this is that men feel inadequate if they cannot satisfy their partner sexually or in other words they are not able to bring their partner to orgasm before they do. This article will explore some of the common causes leading to premature ejaculation and what you can do to control it.

First let's review what premature ejaculation is, and then we'll explain some of the factors which lead to early ejaculation. Medical professionals such as doctors and sex therapists define premature ejaculation as a man cumming before he wanted to while others define it as ejaculation occurring before their partner has reached orgasm. As you can see there is not a definite time frame associated with this condition and every man is different. In other words we cannot say for sure that a man suffers from premature ejaculation if he cums within first minute or two or three of entering the vagina.

Factors which lead to Premature Ejaculation

Level of Excitement - With many men, especially younger men the anticipation of sexual activity can heighten the senses and increase sensitivity in the sexual organs which results in cumming too early. Therefore in order to prevent cumming or orgasming before your partner, it is recommended by many professionals that you engage in "foreplay" to raise your partner’s level of excitement to your level so that you both can orgasm together.

This can help prevent your partner from becoming frustrated, as women usually take much longer to orgasm than men, and add more excitement to your sex life. The trick is to find the "hot spots" on your woman. Some prefer sucking on the ear lobes while others prefer direct stimulation of the clitoris or the "G-Spot".

Sexual Experience - Remember the old adage "practice makes perfect". The more you engage in sexual encounters the more you learn to control your orgasm and thus preventing you from ejaculating prematurely. When you engage in sex, make a conscious effort to prevent yourself from cumming to early. Some effective techniques used by men are to withdraw the penis from your partner as you near ejaculation, slow down the speed of penetration and also try using condoms to decrease penis sensitivity. 

Age - Younger men tend to suffer from premature ejaculation more than their older counterparts. If you are in your late teens or early twenties, you need to toss out the old "slam bam thank you mam" mentality and instead slow down and focus on slow deep penetration to stimulate your partners G-Sport and help her orgasm with you. Just remember the woman gets equally frustrated from not reaching orgasm as you do.

Stimulation- Whether you are stimulated directly by physically touching the penis or indirectly such as watching porn your risk of ejaculating prematurely increases in proportion. The more direct or indirect stimulation you receive before sex, the more you are likely to ejaculate early.

Techniques to prevent premature ejaculation

In addition to the tips and techniques mentioned above there are other common techniques which have worked for men to control premature ejaculation.

"JerkingOff" or Masturbation short time prior to sexual intercourse, is a common technique used by men to help them from cumming too early. From a personal note, I can tell you this works. It takes me much longer to ejaculate the second time around.

PC Exercises - Ejaculation is made possible by the rhythmic contraction of various muscles in the pelvis. If you exercise these muscles and make them stronger you will have the necessary control you desire to prevent early ejaculation. PC exercises have been around for a long time and have been used by men for years to effectively strengthen the muscles responsible for ejaculation. I would highly recommend the Penis Health Exercise program which is used by most men to cure premature ejaculation and erection problems

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