Prostate Milking - How To

Most sexually active men are sure too be familiar with what I like to call conventional forms for sexual stimulation such as touching of the penis aka masturbation, caressing of the buttocks, and of course sexual intercourse and oral sex. However, the one not so conventional form of stimulation known as “Prostate Milking” or “prostate massage”, still remains a mystery to most men;straight men that is, gay men have long known and experienced the pleasure of prostate milking.

So what is prostate milking all about? In short, image yourself having an orgasm, think about how good those few seconds feel when your body shudders and every muscle contracts when you ejaculate your cum load into or onto your partner, now imagine that same feeling lasting few minutes; that is what prostate milking or also known as prostate massage is all about. Think of it as orgasm on steroids.

How can I massage the prostate and experience milking?

The prostate gland is an organ about the size of a golf ball located inside the body and can be reached by inserting your finger or a sexual object such as a dildo or a prostate massager through the anus. The gland is responsible for making seminal fluid which is ejaculated along with sperm during orgasm through the penis shaft. Yes, I know that for those of you who are very conservative or should I say “homo phobic”, may find this difficult to do. Never the less, to experience the power of the milking and thus the ultimate orgasm you need to take the following steps.

Some house cleaning first

Before you rush of to find the prostate gland you need to make sure you thoroughly wash your hands and have plenty of lubrication and latex gloves handy. The hands are exposed to all types of bacteria throughout the day and thus it is important that you wash them well. Second you need to ensure that you trim your finger nails so that you don’t accidentally scratch or injure the gland.

Next, apply generous amount of lubrication to the anus, especially if this is your first time, and put on the latex gloves to prepare for penetration. Of course, if you have a willing partner, then you don’t need to do this alone, but it is very possible and stimulating. In fact a lot of men do this alone with the aid of special devices known as prostate massagers and are quite satisfied with the results. Although you don’t need to use latex gloves for milking, I highly recommend them because they are hygienic and also create a very cool and smooth feel when massaging the prostate.

Nextyou need to locate the gland itself. Generally, the prostate gland is located about two inches deep in the anus and toward the penis under the bladder. Many professionals will agree that finding the prostate gland on a man is like finding the G spot a woman. It may take you a bit of time at first to located the gland but once you find it, you will have no trouble the second or third time around; And trust men, once you experience the pleasure of prostate milking, you will be in there second, third and many more times.

Once the gland is located, gently massage it in a circular motion to experience the pleasure. Once you are comfortable with the feel you can use various other motions and do what feels good. Eventually, much like masturbation, you will start to experience contractions and secrete semen. The contractions will be much longer in duration and far more pleasurable than masturbation. And when you are done, wash up and look forward to your next encounter.

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