Common Questions about Semen

Q. What is the normal semen color?

A. The color of semen can vary depending on many factors particularly diet and certain medications. However the normal color of semen is usually an off shoot of white or clear. Most men ejaculate pearlish white or slightly darker, almost creamish or cloudy color.

Q. What can cause the color of semen to change?

A. Many men have reported that colorful fruits and drinks can pass on their color and in some cases taste to semen. For example, excessive consumption of fruit juice such as mango juice can turn the semen color to reddish. To remedy the situation, you should stop consuming the particular fruit or juice in question and see if semen returns to normal; if not, consult a physician.

Q. My semen is yellow greenish, what is wrong?

A. Excessively yellow or greenish ejaculatory fluid often indicates an infection of the urinary tract. One of the many possible causes could be Gonorrhea which is a sexually transmitted disease and affects the “tube” which transports sperm and urine from the male body. Many infections can be treated by oral or intravenous antibiotics. You need to speak with your physician to have the antibiotics prescribed to you.

Q. I have blood in my semen, why is this?

A. The presence of blood in semen can indicate a serious problem. The cause of this often related to some type of injury or infection of the Prostate Gland. The prostate gland is the male organ responsible for producing the bulk of the semen. During ejaculation, the prostate gland contracts and relaxes. The contractions of the gland can cause a blood vessel to burst and allow the blood to enter the semen. This condition should be taken seriously and a medical professional should be consulted.

Q. Why is my semen sometimes brown and sometimes black?

A. Again, any semen color other than clear, off white is not normal, especially brown or black semen. The possible causes for this in a healthy male could be the introduction of blood into the semen due to some type of a trauma to the seminal vessels causes by prolonged periods of activities such as bike riding or forceful ejaculation. Another reason for it could be the infection of the prostate gland as noted above. In either case, you need to get yourself checked out by a urologist or your family doctor.

Q. Can clear semen cause pregnancy?

A. In an ideal environment, No. However, it is unlikely you will find semen without sperm cells. Even if the semen only contains one live sperm cell, it is enough to cause pregnancy.

Q. Are there supplements to help increase semen volume?

A. Yes, there are many natural supplements on the market which can help increase semen volume and increase sperm count and motility. The two most widely used semen volume enhancers are VolumePills and Semenax semen increasing pills.

Q. Does more semen mean better sex?

A. While the quality of your sex life is dependant on many factors including physical attraction, and your comfort level with your partner, more semen could lead to better orgasms. The intensity and the duration of the male orgasm are directly linked to the amount of semen and sperm the male ejaculates. Therefore, it would stand to reason that the more semen the male has to ejaculate, the longer it would take and thus longer the orgasm would last.

Q. Can swallowing semen be dangerous for women?

A. There is no evidence to suggest that swallowing semen itself is dangerous to women health. However if the man has Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), it can be transferred to the woman via semen. Therefore women should take precautions such as placing a condom on the penis or simply refuse to engage in oral sex with someone infected by STD’s. HIV, gonorrhea, Chlamydia are some of the common STD’s which can be transmitted via semen.

Q. What is CUM anyway?

A. Cum is a slang term used by men and women, often in an erotic setting, to describe semen and sperm. Cum is a combination of both semen and sperm.

Q. How much semen can a man ejaculate?

A. most men ejaculate only about a half tablespoon. The amount of semen produced by men can vary on several factors including the use of semen increasing supplements, whether the body is constantly kept hydrated with fluids, etc.

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