Semen and Sperm

While many men use the terms semen and sperm interchangeably, they are in fact quite different from one another. Semen is the fluid used to carry spermatozoa or sperm cells from the male testis to the female reproductive system. Semen contains seminal plasma which has many of the nutrients required to feed and protect the spermatozoa from the harsh acidic conditions it encounters in the female vagina. Sperm cells on the other hand contain the actual DNA or the blueprint required to create a fully functional human being, better known as a baby.

Men as young as twelve or thirteen years of age start to produce both semen and sperm. Meaning, when boys reach puberty their bodies are fully capable of producing enough male ejaculate to impregnate a female. The typical amount semen volume excreted by most men is about one table spoon, although younger men can excrete more semen because their bodies tend to produce a greater quantity of testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone responsible for many changes men’s bodies including; muscle growth, hair growth, production of sperm, deepening of voice and much more.

Semen and sperm are both pushed out from the male testis with great deal of force by a process known as ejaculation. Ejaculation occurs as a result of physical stimulation of the male sexual organs such as the penis and testis. Stimulation can be direct such as masturbation, oral sex, sexual intercourse or it could be indirect such as reading erotic material or watching pornographic films. The former is much more effective method of reaching orgasm and achieving ejaculation; very few men can ejaculate without direct stimulation of the sexual organs.

Semen Color

Generally speaking the color of semen you should see is white or a varying shade of white. This seems to the normal color for a healthy semen and sperm combination. However, there are cases where the color may appear yellowish, sometimes referred to as “yellow sperm” or “yellow semen”.

The cause of yellow sperm is uncertain but it is believed that it can be caused by infection, or foods which are rich in sulfur such as garlic and onions. Another possible cause for yellow semen could be the natural thickening of semen; especially if you have not ejaculated for quite some time.

While it may be alarming to see yellow semen at first, it should not be. It is fairly common and many men experience this from time to time. However, if the problem persists for a long time or the sperm appears yellowish every time you ejaculate it warrants a visit to you doctor. Now on the extreme side, if your semen color appears to be red or redish, this may suggest that blood is present in semen and you should get yourself checked immediately.

Semen Taste

While this may not be of concern to many men and women out there, but there are few who find ingesting semen very appealing during sexual activities. As such, making the texture and taste of semen or cum better is of concern. So what separates the men with sweeter tasting cum from those with bitter or salty tasting cum?

The answer to this question appears to be linked closely to diet and healthy lifestyle; “you are what you eat”, sort of speak. Therefore, it is believed that if you increase or add fruits, vegetables, and lots of greens to your diet, it will help improve semen taste; making it taste sweeter.

Consider adding the following fruits and vegetables to improve semen taste:

  • Mango
  • Cranberry
  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Celery
  • Parsley
  • Pineapple juice
  • Basically include fruits and veggies with high sugar content.

Other things you can do to make cum taste better or to improve texture, adopt a healthier lifestyle. In other words limits your alcohol intake, stop smoking, start exercising, etc. There are also some foods that you should steer clear of including Fish and red meat which tend to produce a bitter, fishy taste because of their alkaline content.

Produce more semen

Keeping your body hydrated with lots of fluids will ultimate lead to increased production or semen. Proper nutrition and diet are other factors which will keep your body healthy and making more cum for a long time. The best option adopted by most men is to use semenincreasing supplements which are proven to increasesperm volume by as much as 300% - 500%.

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