Vivaxa - Erection Cream Review

Currently slated as one of the best selling erection creams in the United States, Vivaxa is the only erection cream that treats premature ejaculation, an embarrassing sexual dysfunction affecting nearly 30 percent of the U.S. population.  Just by applying a pea-sized amount of lubricant to your genitals for up to five times per week, your stamina--and the length of your member--should increase within weeks of use, with maximum results seen after 12 weeks of use. Vivaxa has a distinct advantage over other erection creams: its main purpose is to boost your sexual stamina, regardless of your physical condition.

How does it work?

Vivaxa works by slowly building your body's stamina, one application at a time, to make it easier to last longer.  Its transdermal erection cream contains clinically proven ingredients that reduces sensitivity in your genitals, enabling you to last longer in the bedroom. They recommend applying the erection cream to your genitals at least five times per week to maximize your results--more if you want to speed up the desensitizing process.


Unlike other erection creams, Vivaxa has some distinct benefits. Aside from increasing your sexual stamina, this best selling erection also sustains your erection strength, preventing erectile dysfunction. Its unique targeted delivery system also delivers these results in under a minute, ensuring your ability to "perform" at any time. It also desensitizes without numbing your penis, allowing you to still feel those sexual sensations after application.


Vivaxa truly excels because unlike other erection creams, there are no reported side effects.  Thisbest selling erection cream does not cause you to lose permanent sensitivity or cause any other unwanted side effects, such as pain or irritation around the genitals.  Itsingredients are also all-natural, ensuring few contraindications with other ED treatments.


It's no secret why Vivaxa is the erection cream used by most middle aged men--it naturally increases your stamina without any harsh side effects. Better yet, this cream absorbs rapidly into the genitals, allowing you to gain extra lasting power instantly.

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