Increase sex stamina with these 5 little known ways

increase sex stamina

Increase sex stamina? Well let us be honest, every adult whether male or female, wants to increase their sexual stamina with the hope of pleasing themselves and their loved one.

However, research has shown that male are often the most concerned about how to increase sex stamina probably because they can’t stand being a laughing stock to their spouses’ friends or in some cases to build their self confidence. Notwithstanding the motives, the fact remains we all want to perform well on bed.

Basically, what we are going to be going in this post is to educate ourselves on the subject of how to increase sex stamina (or performance) and this can be done by understanding the basics of what sex stamina is, why we should be concern about it, and how we can actually increase sexual performance and make our partners happy.

What does sex stamina mean?

According to Oxford Advance Learner’s Dictionary, “sex stamina is the physical and mental inner strength that enables one to perform greatly on bed without using any enhancer pill”. Put differently, sex stamina is the ability to have multiple orgasms by natural means. Sex stamina, in short, is all about involving activities that promote a healthy, sexual lifestyle.

How important is sex in a relationship?

Asking this question is synonymous to asking how important man is on earth. The answers are the same. Without man there can be no earth. Same goes with relationships in this context. Without sex the essence of relationship is baseless. There is no point.

Sex, not the be all and end all of a relationship

However, it is important to emphasise that sex is the sole essence of a relationship. However when you remove sex from a relationship, you remove intimacy and sharing. Without intimacy the whole essence for which relationship is meant to serve can be questioned.

It is by understanding the importance of sex in a relationship we can begin to have a logical reasoning about why we should be concern about improving sex stamina.

Stress free exercises to increase sex stamina

1. Kegel Exercises

One of the key muscles that you need to use during sex is the pelvic floor muscle, also known as PC, or pubococcygeus muscle. An exercise routine that strengthens the pelvic floor muscle are the kegel exercises. By sitting or lying down comfortably, the kegel exercise involves squeezing the PC muscle for 5 to 10 seconds, relaxing for 5 seconds and then repeat the process all over again.

This can be done by firstly locating the pelvic muscles. Your pelvic muscles can be located by trying to stop and start the flow of urine. As your pelvic muscles gain strength, your sex stamina improves too. According to, men who have control over their pelvic muscles are able to have firmer erection and delayed ejaculation.

2. Physical Exercise

Physical exercises like gym, morning jogging or skipping can improve your sex life. According to research conducted by the Good Health website, regular exercise helps to improve blood circulation. By extension this will increases sex performance.

It is strongly advised however, that physical exercise should be done with great caution as too much of it could result to fatigue even before sex.

3. Masturbation

Masturbation can help you gain control over your orgasm and help you delay the onset of an orgasm. The Male Sexual Needs Website recommends getting yourself to the point just before an orgasm, stop masturbating and then hold the base of your penis very tightly for a few seconds. Once the urge to orgasm has subdued then repeat the previous steps.

Repeat this exercise three to four times then you will be able to last longer on bed. Women can employ this method too.

4. Focus On Your Breath

The general cliché we have all been told is to lose focus on ourselves when making love. This way you avoid early ejaculation. In reality, this trick does not work. In contrast, the less focused your mind is to your body, the less control you have over it.

It is only by paying keen attention to the pleasure you are feeling that you can become aware of your sexual arousal levels. An easier way to control your ejaculation is to focus on relaxing and breathing. Breathe deeply and allow your muscle to relax.

5. Sleep

Your testosterone (the hormone that is largely responsible for your sex huge) is produced while you sleep. A logical way to increase your sex stamina is by sleeping more to produce more testosterone. More sleep, more sex stamina.

Putting it all together

Ultimately there is no one thing that will help increase sex stamina. It takes a combination of muscular stamina, cardiovascular exercise and flexibility. Putting this all together will increase sex stamina and achieve your desired bedroom performance.

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