Sexual peak performance and the impact of ageing

sexual peak performance

.Ageing is a natural process that we have no control over. We can not prevent it from happening. There are things we can do to slow down the negative effects of ageing. Among the many adverse affects of ageing, is the adverse affect on a man’s sexual peak performance.

Why ageing affects your sexual peak performance

As men age into their thirties, forties and beyond their sex drive, or commonly referred to as libido; slows down.  Their interest in sex may be as high as it was in their teen years. It is the ability to perform sexually that decreases considerably. Some are face erectile dysfunction problems whilst others experience the inability to achieve a full, solid erection.

Breakup of relationships!

This inability to perform sexually can have lasting psychological effects on a man’s ego. This in turn can cause all sorts of relationship issues. In fact, lack of sexual satisfaction has been linked to the breakup of many relationships among couples in their forties and fifties. Women in general tend to be much more sexually active than their partners in later years and as such, tend to have greater need for sexual satisfaction.

From raging bulls to docile puppies, the ageing process

To answer this question, we need to understand the root cause behind low male libido. Certainly ageing has a lot to do with the lack of interest in sex, but what is it exactly about ageing that causes this? Who wakes up one day and say, “hey I’m in my forties and I’m no longer interested in sex”, do they?

All downhill from your twenties?

In fact it’s a gradual process which get’s started when men are in their twenties. It slowly catches up with them in their mid years.

So what is this process I’m talking about? The process is the natural decrease of testosterone your body experiences over time. You see, testosterone is the hormone which makes young men rage like bulls in the bedroom; ready for action in moments notice. However as men age, they experience a 10% drop in testosterone each and every decade which goes by. So in time, the raging bulls become docile puppies.

What can I do to keep my partner satisfied?

How can you correct this, and increase your sexual performance? There are hormone treatment therapies available to men suffering sexual performance issues. They are relatively safe and effective. However the cost of such therapies can be outrageous and can range anywhere from $125 -$200 and upward per week.

Alternatives to expensive hormone treatments

The alternative to hormonal therapy is using quality supplements such as Apexatropin or Testo Black XT which is specifically formulated to stimulate your body’s natural production of testosterone. This natural testosterone increasing supplement is safe, effective. It can be purchased for only a fraction of the cost of hormonetherapy. Thousands of men, just like you and I are using natural supplements to kick start their sexual performance in the bedroom. You can learn more about Apexatropin or Testo Black XT by clicking on the links.

Get back to your sexual peak performance

Do not accept the lack of sexual performance as a simple function of ageing. Try one of the many natural supplements for increasing sexual performance and live life.

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